dsl saga

When I got up this morning, my DSL line was still dead. I got on the phone to DirecTV DSL to see what’s up. After I finally get a hold of someone there, I am told that PacBell claims that someone was send here but couldn’t get access to the box outside my house. That clearly was crap because the box is easily accessible on the side of the house. While talking to him, my phone line goes dead. I check my door and someone had in fact been here and left a note on my door saying “no access for test.” I went out to the box and someone had clearly opened it as the screw was unscrewed. I come back inside and grab a hone to test with and go back out to the box and call 611 for phone service repair on the line that claims to be a different number than mine. Apparently the block is mislabeled… are the technicians too stupid to figure this out on their own? I am told by the person I talked to at 611 that she found a problem on the line that would cause the line (both voice and DSL) to go up and down randomly. They are sending someone out between now and 8pm. I hope someone will actually show up today and fix the problem, but I’m not holding my breath. I have dinner plans at 8pm, so I needed to call my friend to let him know I might be a few minutes late waiting for someone from Pacific Bell, but my phone line inside was dead. As I am about to go back outside to try and call him, my phone line inside starts working and I am able to call him and leave a message. I tried plugging my DSL modem back in hoping that maybe it would magically start working, but no luck. Hopefully if/when someone comes out here, they will be able to fix all the problems and everything will work again for another week.

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