Food for thought

After many months of investigation, I have concluded that David Hyatt and Mike Angelo of MozillaQuest fame are in fact the same person. If you look carefully, you will notice many similarities in their writings. There are many places where he tries to throw you off though. You will notice the proper grammar in the writings posted by David Hyatt, while the writings by his alter-ego Mike contain grammar so bad that it is clearly fake. Other similarities include how they both bitch about Mozilla, but never actually do anything about it. Words such as “the“, “and“, “Mozilla“, and “Netscape” are common place in both’s postings. See David’s (or Mike’s… whichever you prefer) most recent article on MozillaQuest titled “Mozilla 1.0-RC1 Browser-Suite Sneak Preview.” See the part about “Mozilla Needs an Attitude Adjustment.” I am unsure why David (Mike) feels the need to post the same rants on two different sites. When Ian posted his parody site, MozillaQuestQuest, David was in tears, yet no one could figure out why. Now you know.

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