Words from McObject

Our beloved Matt Judy, the Cocoa loving McDonalds employee, has written a rather long blog. Matt starts off by implying that the inhabitants of #mozilla are terrorists by claiming “it was […] an attack.” It appears his attempts at peace have failed. “It’d be misnomer to call it intellectual conversation” he writes.

Matt claims that Chimera has “pushed the most important part of Mozilla (the embeddable Gecko componentry) to new levels or usability, fixing tons of bugs, and making performance improvements all over the place.” But he the notes that “Unfortunately, those changes have yet to land in the tree.”

Finally, after far too many lines of useless text, he claims that “wrapping Gecko in Cocoa is the best thing for the engine on Mac OS X.” Is this true? Is adding Yet Another Layer to Mozilla the “best thing?” I wouldn’t think so. Matt claims that this provides “ultimate simplicity.”

Because clearly the new Mac OS (based on a 900 year old OS) is perfect, Matt says that “there is an underlying performance problem somewhere in Gecko/NSPR/GodKnowsWhat” and that it “needs to be fixed.” He says these problems should not “simply chalked up to “slowness” of the Mac.” There is an interesting Wired article that claims that the reason browsers on Mac OS X are slow is because of Mac OS X itself. Since Chimera has produced the best test scores running various benchmarks, it would seem it might not be “Gecko/NSPR/GodKnowsWhat” causing the problem.

He finishes his article by saying that he is going to “investigate with some profiling tools.” While apparently there are some profilers on the OS, Mike Pinkerton says “none of them are as easy to use as Quantify.”

Perhaps when Matt uses his profiling tools, he will be able to show us why all browsers are slow on his perfect OS. We can all safely assume that Cocoa, due to its mature state, has no bugs and is well optimized. Could it be that if Mozilla was written in Objective-C all of our bugs would go away? Perhaps we should rewrite Mozilla in PPC assembly? That should only take a few decades, and by then, processors should be fast enough that you will be able to run the slow OS X without it feeling slow!

On a side note, Matt Judy claims that the Chimera project is officially named “chimera” and not “Chimera.” However, in speaking with David Hyatt on this matter, he claims that the project is indeed called “Chimera” and not “chimera.” Celebrity Deathmatch anyone?

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