Joining forces with members of his night shift at the Valco McDonalds, our friend Matt Judy has taken a new job at at iThink Software, which promises to be one of the leading fast food automation organizations in the South Bay. At the time of this writing the company’s website only appears “correctly” in the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer. Sources indicate however that this browser accounts for nearly half of the Mac browser market or 4.3 users. Protests erupted after this new company attempted to force McDonalds in to switching their ordering system keyboard to use Dvorak instead of QWERTY. Apparently by changing the layout, removing the lettuce from a hamburger takes 0.3 seconds longer, thus reducing the efficiency of ordering by nearly 0.5%. Matt swore that by using this advanced technology that there were no performance problems and it would in fact speed things up dramatically. I would like to wish Matt the best of luck with his new job.

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