Bicentennial Man

I finished watching Bicentennial Man this evening. I went in to this movie with very low expectations but came out really enjoying this movie. The movie stars Robin Williams as a robot who is strives over 200 years to become a real human. The movie also stars Embeth Davidtz, a very beautiful actress, who initially plays the daughter of the first family that owns him and then later plays the granddaughter of her earlier roll. I would definitely recommend this movie. The plot of the movie was very well developed and had me wanting to know more the entire movie.

Artificial Intelligence: AI had similar aspirations, trying to show a child “grow” and find his place in the human race. Too bad it failed. I thought that AI had a lot of promise had it ended 20 minutes earlier and perhaps been a bit darker. I think it could have been a great movie, but I fear that Steven Spielberg likely screwed up Stanley Kubrick‘s vision.

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