Goodbye to Dr. Mark Greene

Tonight’s sendoff of Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) on ER was probably the greatest departure of a character I’ve ever seen on TV. The writers were able to wrap up the important things in Mark’s life before his departure. While I’m sad to see him go, I’m glad he left with such a great episode. It was great to see that many of the old characters were able to come back for Mark’s funeral. Hats off to Anthony Edwards for the last 8 years of ER and may the rest of his career be as great.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to Dr. Mark Greene

  1. Barbara

    I had a friend that died not too long ago from a brain tumor or brain cancer. Although her death frightened me I think more people should somehow help in the fight to end cancer. All though it was a great run Mark Greene had in the ER I think it is sad that he had to leave the way he did.

  2. Manuel

    Dr.Green is a great DR. and we miss him so much.

    Anhtony: come back to ER.. please.

    PS: Have you an AUTOGRAPH-ADDRESS of Anthony Edwards (dr.mark greene)?, please say it me, mail to:

  3. Becky

    Mark was my favorite charecter why did they have to kill him! Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why whyyyyyyy? *breaks down crying* Come back Mark! :”””( I miss you!!!! It’s not fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! *Sniffle* *Starts crying again* Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Christine

    I CRYED FOR SOOO LONG WHEN HE DIED!!!! ITS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT HIM!! HE WAS THE BEST!! *sobs uncontrolably…. runs aroung the room screaming “MARK! MARK!!”
    WHHYYY!!!?????????? * sobs* WHY COULDENT IT BE MEEE!!!????…………………
    *takes a cold shower and tryes to drown herself in it*


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