Here is an interesting idea for a game. You start as a guy trying to get the girl. If you’re good enough, you do.

22 thoughts on “SimGirl

  1. Matt

    erm well i got the password and the ending is alright not 2 bad. but the full game where the hell is that!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rich ( i play ultima online ) my aim is penguinfleet

    That game kicked ass i was up all night playing lol i was just bored make another one the ending should have been a movie not slide pictures =] c ya


    Should be that you wanna have another ending. me 2, but its a beta version of the game so it is not finished yet

  4. Ryan

    when the hell is the real ending coming i have had the password for a few months now but still no game!

  5. cy

    there is an ending out for this game, if u want to see it go to new grounds and go to dating sims go to this game, go down to other games by this artist and choose the ending part, and he also has this cool game out it’s this sword thing

  6. shakey

    the game rocks but can you give us more choics of girls and boys also the ending come on i really wanted to see that like all the other people that was watching me play

  7. charles "hellfire" k

    the game rocks i know a little cheat for those of you who are impatient let me know if you want it

  8. ALpHA

    um….question….i have the password

    but i have no idea how to get the ending of the beta version…

    can someone please tell me….thanks

  9. Gus

    One of the best games i have ever played
    to see ending go to
    If you any you have the full version please send to slipknot_king_2005@hotmail .com
    or share it on winmx

  10. wing

    Man this was a sick game i played so long lol
    plz tell me when the rezl ver is comeing ill
    paly that one too lol

  11. brian

    simgirl was fun and all but how long i gotta wait fo the full version im not gonna sit around for ever cmon ppl


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