Angel season finale

I would love to know what the hell was Joss thinking when he worked on tonight’s season finale of Angel.

4 thoughts on “Angel season finale

  1. Joe

    I thought Angel had yet another great season as well as a thought provoking season finale. First thought is will the WB renew the show for another season? Second, now that everyones memories of Conner have been wiped clean, will Vincent become a regular on the show or is he now under Guest star status. Third, how will everyone use there strengths at W&H, especially Gunn (How awsome was that?)So i really hope they renew Angel for another season, you can’t take both Buffy and Angel away at the same time. There’s still more to tell there. (In the Angel universe)

  2. Aviva

    i couldn’t help it as a tear slowly dropped across my cheek as connor toasted “to family” unfortunately, i’m left with so many questions (as joss whedon had planned)… will connor be back? (probably questioning his strange connection to angel) will charisma, aka cordie, be back after maternity leave? (the coma thing is probably just an option in case she wants to rejoin the cast of angel) and will they keep the super cool set of wolfram and hart? but most of all, what is Gunn’s special strength? i’d really be interested if anyone has any insights into that. other than that, amazing season finale! though i’m not sure if i’m ready to forgive angel for bursting onto buffy and wrecking spike’s happy ending… (speaking of which, i wonder how spike’s going to fit onto the show?!?)

  3. rottenrose

    I thought there was 1 more episode of ANGEL….was the season finale the one where Connor is with “THE NEW FAMILY” ?? I was really looking forward to 1 more episode!

  4. Andrei

    I’ve already seen the first episode in the next season (I still haven’t seen the one where Conner leaves or something like that…) and Angel controls W&H and Spike comes back and is a ghost (he might have become physical, i don’t know cuz i didn’t watch the whole episode), Gunn and Cordelia are still in the show (I never knew that Gunn left in the first place..) and Harmony is their Secretary.


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