6 thoughts on “New Kevin Smith movie

  1. Anonymous

    Of course Jennifer lopez and ben affleck would be in a movie.. i mean dont get me wrong.. i love all Kevin Smith movies.. I just dont think j.Lo fits the description.. but im a sucker for kevin smith so i’ll probably end up going to see it 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Me again, I just read that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met on the set and went from there.. I thought the movie was made after they “got” together, Well I will still go see it 🙂

  3. anonymous

    umm, JLO is an awful actress. Esp. in Gigli. She had a grand total of 3, yes 3, expressions. Kevin Smith is quoted saying ‘”If you’re ever shooting a movie about two people falling in love, I can’t urge you strongly enough to cast a pair of people who are actually falling in love. The chemistry between Ben and Jen is so palpable, you could almost bottle it and sell it as an aphrodisiac. Take after take, we watched Ben and Jen (who we couldn’t have cast as love-at-first-sighters at a better time in their lives) flirt through a rapid-fire-dialogue dance of movie meet-cute.”‘

    Now, if Jlo dies at the beginning and he ends up with Liv Tyler, what is the purpose of having him more in love and have more chemistry with the one he doesn’t even end up with? that doesn’t make for a good movie I’m afraid.

  4. Jon

    You can’t be overly critical of a film that hasn’t come out yet. Granted that I heard Gigli was the worst peice of cinematography ever created, but Kevin Smith is a genius. I mean, he put his wife as a leading role in Jay and Silent Bob, and she didn’t do that badly. It isn’t all about the actor, a movie is about 90% script, and I am pretty confident that Jennifer had very little say in the making of the script.


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