Are there enough choices?

I went shopping today at Don Sherwood Golf & Tennis World. I was in search of golf balls. The little round white balls that you hit with a stick. This should be easy right? Apparently not. There were at least 14 different manufacturers and each one had at least 3 different types of balls. How in the world do you choose what kind of balls to use?

Recently when trying to purchase bread at Safeway, I ran in to a similar problem. There were 10 different kinds of bread: white, wheat, multigrain, 7 grain, etc. Each had 3 different brands making the same kind of bread creating shelves that contained hundreds of loaves of bread. How the hell is someone supposed to figure out what they like aside from buying each kind?

I am all for giving consumers a choice, but at what point does it become problematic for the consumer?

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