Neverwinter Nights

After 3 years, the much hyped Neverwinter Nights has arrived. My copy arrived today and I have spent a couple of hours playing it.

Initial impressions:
Graphics: At first I wasn’t too impressed, but after some tweaking, the graphics looks pretty damn nice. When I started playing I chose to run the game at 1024×768 using the "fast" graphics setting. I am running the game on a P3 500MHz with a GeForce 3 (64MB). I tried maxing out the graphic settings by running at 1600×1200 using the "best" graphics setting and enabling anti-aliasing. The difference is amazing. The game looks so much better. Unfortunately, the text is unreadable at 1600×1200. Turning the resolution back down to 1024×768 while leaving the graphic setting and anti-aliasing options the same still looks wonderful.

Sound: Sound seems good. Lots of background good background noise to keep things moving.

Game play: Single player game play seems fairly solid so far. I’m not too happy with my character so far, but I think that is due to me not spending enough time reading skill descriptions. I will start a new character when I get a chance.

More on the game later. Will it get the "technical marvel" stamp of approval? Stay tuned!

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