Monthly Archives: June 2002

Chicago and Air Canada suck

My original trip was scheduled from San Jose to Chicago to Ottawa. Despite a few minor delays in San Jose, we arrived to Chicago on time only for me to discover that my Air Canada flight to Ottawa had been canceled. There was another Ottawa flight around 3 hours later, but I was told it was full. They put me on stand-by for a flight to Toronto in hopes that I could go to Ottawa from there. Fortunately, there was 1 seat left on the Ottawa flight and I was able to get on it. After arriving in Ottawa just before midnight, my luggage was no where to be found.

I was finally able to get to sleep around 3:00am, but woke up at 7:00am so that I could wash the clothes I was wearing.

I’m really tired and I think I am going to skip the next two talks and take a nap. Hopefully my luggage has arrived by now.