Canada Day – July 1

Canada’s big day. I started the morning off at around 8:45am in time to meet Chris Beard on Parliament Hill at 9:30am for the Flag-Raising Ceremony followed by the Changing the Guard.

Next, we went to Dunn’s Famous Deli for some breakfast. The place is open 24/7 and the food was pretty good. The food was so much better than Denny’s. I suppose there isn’t really any comparison to Denny’s awful food.

After breakfast, we went back to the front of Chateau Laurier and waited for Manish. Peter and Mark met us there while we waited. From there, we realized how hot it was so we headed towards the Art Museum. We visited a bunch of the contemporary art stuff which was quite cool. An old Chapel was moved inside the museum. It was pretty neat.

After this, we headed across the street to Major’s Hill Park for lunch. The Chicken Farmers of Canada were serving cheap sandwiches and salads for lunch which were quite good.

After lunch, around 1:45pm, we headed to a parking lot party near Ford Confederation Park to find out what time the Bikini Contest was going to be held. We were told the contest was going to start at 3:00pm.

We headed over to the National Arts Centre to see what was going on there. We saw some African drummers who were amazing. We hung around there for a little while before our little group split apart. Chris, Manish and I went back to the parking lot party, while Mark and Peter headed back to the hotel to meet Andrew Hutton and others.

We waited around for the bikini contest, which started around 3:45pm. The women were very attractive, but the overall contest wasn’t too exciting and didn’t last very long. There were only 8 women, but I did take a fair number of pictures.

Manish and I decided to go back to the hotel briefly to take a shower. The shower gave me a second boost of energy that was able to last me the rest of the day. I was also able to upload my pictures and recharge one of my camera batteries most of the way.

We headed back to the party to meet back with Chris, but when we arrived he decided he should go shower. Manish and I went off to Ford Confederation Park to see if anything was going on. Unfortunately, it was around dinnertime and not much was going on.

We headed back to the party and hung out for a little while until Chris arrived back. Once Chris arrived, Manish and I wanted food, but Chris wasn’t too hungry. We hooked up with Phil Schwan at Arc The Hotel for dinner. After much waiting and banging on the door, we were able to get Phil to open the door in a towel. He got dressed, checked some code in to his CVS server, and we headed out to Quizno’s for some very yummy subs.

While heading back to pick up Chris, Mike Shaver called us. After we picked up Mike at the hotel, we continued on our trip to pick up Chris. Once Chris was acquired, we let Mike lead us to meet his wife Tyla on Parliament Hill for the 8:30pm concerts and fireworks. The Arrogant Worms, Offenbach, Stefie Shock, and David Usher performed. I didn’t really care for Offenbach. Their lyrics were in French and the music didn’t do much for me. Stephie Shock also sang in French, but his music was good. David Usher was outstanding and did a cover of Pink‘s “Get This Party Started.”

After the music performances, fireworks were shot off. The fireworks were spectacular.

Manish, Chris, Mike and Tyla, some friends of theirs, and I went to Dunn’s for a late night snack. We started with around 12 people, but friends of Mike and Tyla’s continued to show up through out the time we were there. I had a good time and met some cool new people.

After this, I headed back to my hotel for some good rest after this very long day.

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