Early days

Today I thought I should take a look back at the one computer game that ate away months of my life. Quake.

I was pleased to find numerous Quake clients based on the source code to the engine that id released a few years ago. After I installed Quake, I quickly deleted all of the old clients and replaced them with ZQuake and moreQuakeWorld. I have been quite impressed with both clients. I quickly installed ThreeWave CTF (the original real CTF). Once I had these installed, I fired up GameSpy and found that there were a fair number of QuakeWorld servers running. I quickly jumped on to a server and realized all my keys were screwed up. After I fixed that, I went back and was able to do pretty well. I’m not as good as I used to be, but with a little more practice, who knows.

Garrett, Mike, Gagan and I are going to get a server set up next so that we can start fragging each other once again.

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