A day in the life of me

Today went something like this:

Picked up my sister, Julie, from the airport. Her plane arrived on time.
Dropped off her luggage at home.
Ate lunch in Mountain View.
Went in to work to check up on things. Not much going on.
Left Netscape and headed home. Stopped by Albertsons and picked up some groceries.
Watched Greg the Bunny on TiVo.
Took nap. I went to bed far too late and got up far too early.
Worked on evil bug.
Went to Valley Fair Shoppingtown. Julie loved it. We didn’t buy much, so I expect we will be going back.
Had dinner at Chili’s. We saw Boris, Jonas and Chris there.
Went to Kmart to get Julie a hair dryer.

Now I’m tired. I need to get up early in the morning for some meetings. I plan on taking off Thursday-Tuesday from work so I can spend them with Julie. Tomorrow, we are going to plan out what we will do for the rest of the time she’s here.

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