Saturday Night of Fun

Last night was pretty crazy. I met up with my friend Phil around 6PM. We played some Mario Party 4 for a while. We then proceeded to Palo Alto and had Dinner at Taxi’s. After eating a very very large burger, we went to Stanford to see Phil’s friend performing in a modern dance show. We only had time to see a few dances before we had to leave for San Francisco to see They Booty Boys. They were scheduled to go on stage around 10:30PM at the Voodoo Lounge. On our drive up, I learn that Phil and Chris (brownEye from the band) were best friends growing up. We drove around for a while looking for parking (I love San Francisco parking!) and finally found a spot on Mission a few blocks from the place.

We got in around 10:15PM and met up with some friends. Some band is on stage when we get there. After them, a band called Attaboy and Burke played. They were pretty good and I picked up their CD for $5. One of their singers saw my shirt and instantly recognized They Might Be Giants. Needless to say, I was impressed and gained extra respect for the band.

An hour and a half and a band later, The Booty Boys finally took stage! They have a really hot dancer who wasn’t wearing very much. She was a sight to see. Her dancing was so over the top. Absolutely brilliant. These guys really are all about the booty. They performed various songs including Rootie Tootie, Bootyhole Rangers, Booty Duty, and Journey To The Center Of The Booty. They were great! I’m totally going to see them again.

After they finished, around 1:15AM, the band and a small group of us went to someone’s apartment nearby and had an after party. I got to talk to the band members and meet some other cool people. Chris even uses Mozilla for e-mail. Spencer, the other rapper was having a lot of fun with his digital camera taking lots of pictures. Hopefully some of them will end up online. Around 3:00AM everyone left and Phil and I headed back to Mountain View.

The night was most excellent. I highly recommend checking out The Booty Boys.

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