Still here…

My friend Brendan Eich got married yesterday. Congratulations to Brendan and Eleanor! I got dressed up in a tuxedo for the wedding and looked pretty nice. A rare sight. It was a very beautiful ceremony and the reception was great. I took a few pictures, but I haven’t posted any of them yet. After the reception, some of us went over to David Hyatt‘s house and continued to celebrate for a while longer.

This afternoon, after I finally woke up, Mike Shaver and I went up to visit Dan Mosedale in San Francisco for lunch. After a great lunch across from Dan’s place, we headed over to visit Chris Waterson. I finally got to meet Rebecca, Chris’s baby. She slept most of the time we were there, but somehow her spider senses sensed a Canadian, Mike, and she got a little upset. After we left, I dropped Mike off for dinner, took Dan home, and proceeded back to home where I was finally able to relax.

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