Working so far

MT seems to be working pretty well so far. I’ve made a rough pass over all my blog entries attempting to put them in to poorly named categories.

The biggest feature missing from MT that Blogger Pro had is the lack of a spell checker. With my horrific spelling, the built in spellchecker was a great feature of Blogger Pro. I guess I will just have to launch OpenOffice before I post blogs. I really wish that when MT imported my Blogger data that it would have kept my permalinks the same. Oh well.

I need to make my monthly archive pages look more like my main page and put more thought in to having individual archive pages. I like the monthly pages better I think, but now that I have comments, maybe I will add something fancy like the way Joe handles comments.

Does anyone know how to turn linebreaks in to <br>s rather than multiple <p>s?

4 thoughts on “Working so far

  1. Matt Robinson

    Couldn’t tell from your front page, but if you’re a Windows PC user, w.Bloggar is a fantastic tool for posting to your Movable Type (and a bunch of other types) blog. It’ll even FTP files and images to your site for you and add the link/img HTML, and it has a spell-checker just for you.

    It’s at

    If you’re a Linux user then you should have written your own XML-RPC interface that pipes through aspell or something, so stop complaining 😉

  2. Alistair McMillan

    “The biggest feature missing from MT that Blogger Pro had is the lack of a spell checker.”

    Sorry? What?

    Lack of a spell checker is the biggest feature that MT is missing?

    Does MT have a grammar checker?

  3. Stuart

    A grammar checker might be nice.. heh heh.. I guess Blogger Pro did most everything I wanted, except for comments. I’m sure everyone has their list of things they wish MT did for them, and spell checking is at the top of mine. 🙂


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