Protesters like this, this, and this should be sent to Iraq and blown up with the rest of the country. What gives these people the right to disrupt MY life? What? The protesters thought that pissing people off would keep the war from happening? Now they think it will cause the war to end? Give me a break. Stop blocking traffic, rioting, and wasting my time.

10 thoughts on “Protests

  1. Kjetil W

    I have read a lot of blogs lately that is pro war and that don’t like people protesting.
    It is sad to see that so many have so little respect of others opinions.
    In a healthy democracy there should be room for people showing initiative and strong opinions, and it should absorb a moderate degree of public unrest.
    But then again, some will say that the United States of America is far from a healthy democracy 🙂

  2. Matti

    Don’t you live in a democracy ?
    You should go to a country like china because there are no protest.

    They have a better government as the USA because they don’t start a war WITHOUT reasons.
    (I know you believe the pragranda from Mr. Bush).
    A war is always the last possibility but not for Mr. Bush

    Nobody said that Saddam isn’t an asshole but why is Bush better ?
    He isn’t..

    ( )

  3. Ben

    As far as I can tell, the US like most places isn’t somewhere where you can just randomly block traffic without acquiring permits etc. Democracy does not grant one the right to break the law.

  4. Ralphie

    […]”protesters like this, this, and this should be sent to Iraq and blown up with the rest of the country”[…]

    Is that supposed to be funny? Don’t think iraqui people will find it that way, neither do i

  5. Sören Kuklau

    Um, so you’re one of the “democracy? hell yeah, as long as _I_ profit from it” people, Stuart?

  6. Ben

    No, I think what stuart is against is jerkoffs interfering with his day. I agree with him. As far as I’m concerned they could be protesting against puddin’. DO NOT MESS WITH TRAFFIC FLOW.

  7. Ctugha

    The laws are made from people to people. If a government unilaterally broke ’em, we have quite a lot more reasons to do it in protest.
    Nice that you are pro-war, as I bought some of your shares in and I can hope this makes some blogwar 😀

  8. Eyes Wide Open

    So sorry you were ‘delayed’ from promptly completing whatever [self] important tasks you were so intent on ‘stressing’ out over. The clarity of your ignorance, in spite of your well-defined superior intelligence (seemingly in mathematical and logic-framed activities only), which has allowed you to share details of all your material wealth on an acquisition-by-acquisition basis is quite clear, and no one gives a shit. May the collective offer a moment of silence in respect for your need to suffer the start of your work-day-ethic at an ghastly 9 a.m. Perhaps if you adjusted the frame-rate of your tvio, you could pack in all that thought stimulating WBAOLDisneyFaux infotainment into your pea-brain just a little ahead of schedule. While your neo-con loving soul enjoys the harvest of your new Empire, it will just be too damn bad when you realize neither it, nor the psycho-chimp heir apparent to continuing the pursuits of The Third Reich, ever had any clothes, let alone morals, integrity or honesty. Thank goodness we won’t have to wait until November of ’04 to watch his sorry ass removed from the office which was never his to begin with. As if it wasn’t clear when the ‘protests’ were getting your underoos in a bunch, you were observing (not participating) the working capitol of an outraged peoples – and for your buddy Ben – better hang tight – not every justified cause will be able to notify you with public notice and parade permits. Some things are a tad more important than your republican-white-bread conspicuous-consumption bullshit. Too bad you couldn’t have checked out the traffic delays during the Battle of Gettysburg, slightly over 100 years ago…

    And have a nice day (and they seemed like such nice boys…)


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