Speakers arrived and setup

My speakers arrived on Thursday and I finally got them all setup today. They sound simply amazing. Tomorrow I’m going to look for a SPL meter at RadioShack and try to find a copy of Avia. I’ve been watching lots of various movies today including part of Band of Brothers, The Scorpion King. I’ve been listening to a lot of music as well. I’m quite pleased with them and am told they will only sound better after they finish breaking in.

5 thoughts on “Speakers arrived and setup

  1. Jack Herrington

    Sub movies are also great: Das Boot, U-571, Below.

    I refound my list, here it is: Fantasia 2000, Toy Story II, Titan AE, U-571, Contact, Shrek, Jurassic Park III, Atlantis, Saving Private Ryan, Episode One, LOTR.

    Atlantis is pretty amazing with the attack of the giant mechanical lobster. Saving Private Ryan is also excellent with the tank sounds in the final battle.


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