DVD player suggestions?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a new DVD player? My 5 year old Panasonic A105 doesn’t support things like DTS or progressive scan. It has been a great player, but I think its about time to upgrade. I haven’t really looked around much yet, but I want something solid and something that sounds good playing CDs.

5 thoughts on “DVD player suggestions?

  1. Jack Herrington

    Sony’s DVP-NS755V or something along that line. I’m extremely happy with mine. Progressive component and digital out, of course, but also MP3 and SACD. It also works well with my (and your) TV, the Sony XBR 36.

  2. Jack Herrington

    Just a little more about the Sony that I remembered on the way out. What struck me most was how black the top and bottom strips are on a WEGA from the new DVD player. The Toshiba I had previously had the strips as a dull black. Not quite like the almost grey that Dave And Rebecca have, a little less pronounced than that.

    In a dark room the strips seem to express no photons at all. 😉

  3. Anominous Coward

    Pioneer DV-656A

    Progressive Scan
    Plays CDs, VCDs, CR-Rs, CD-RWs, MP3 CDs, DVD-Audio discs, and regular DVDs.
    Dolby Digital and DTS
    540 lines of resolution
    24-bit/192 Hz audio
    Separate optics for DVD and CD
    Outputs: component video, s-video, composite video, digital coaxial audio, optical digital audio, analog audio – 2 channel & 6 channel.


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