SACD or DVD-Audio?

In my search for a new DVD player, I’ve run in to the problem of trying to pick between a SACD playing DVD player or a DVD-Audio playing one. Do these formats really sound that much better than standard CDs? I can’t imagine that most surround channels even make sense with most music. Where is a person sitting when listening to 5.1 or 6.1 music? If I go to a concert, it isn’t like I’m standing between the singers, drummers, bass players, etc. All the music is coming from the stage. Anyone care to comment on how this works? All discs I see on these formats seem to be remastered versions of old CDs that I don’t even want.

Also, do any SACD or DVD-Audio players actually support digital output so that I can use the DACs on my receiver? All the ones I’ve seen have 6 analog outputs.

One thought on “SACD or DVD-Audio?

  1. Jack Herrington

    My SACD player requires running the analog lines through the reciever and switching the reciever to Ext. when playing SACDs. This also means adjusting the speaker levels again for the externals on the reciever.

    That being said, I do like the improvement in sound of the SACDs.

    I haven’t played with DVD-Audio.

    I have played with DTS audio DVDs. Which are, I guess, just DVDs encoded with sound as DTS and no audio. The concert stuff used the rear channels for crowd noise. The studio albums used the rear channel for a chorus or background instrumentals. They also separate the vocal onto the the center channel and use the left and right to separate the guitars and drums.

    This is really cool stuff when it’s done well. You haven’t heard music like this before.


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