Firefly Movie!

TVGuide is reporting this story from Hollywood Reporter saying that Joss Whedon has signed a deal to make a Firefly movie. That kicks ass!

7 thoughts on “Firefly Movie!

  1. danny buchanan

    I recently watched the new lord of the rings movie. I LOVED it. But I would give up perfect lotr tickets, opening night and all, to get the worst seat in the worst theatre, if only I could watch me some firefly. I thought the series looked gay until my brother bout the box set, and I actually watched it. it is the most genius work I have ever seen. the whole crew was just exploding with story when it ended….. but, maybe, with this movie, it didn’t end. that would make me oh so happy indeed.

  2. olivia

    omg. that would kick ass. i LOVE FIREFLY!!! they so should not have cancled it, how have i survived nearly a year w/o jayne?? lol, this xmas my family just got the dvd collection or whatever and we’ve watched it almost every night!!! YAY!!!!!

  3. Peter

    Firefly was the greatest series to hit the air since Angel or Smallville. It’s the greatest that it was put out on DVD (i have every season of buffy angel…). I was the most depressed guy when it was cancel “but what happens to River?” I asked my self. Now maybe we will find out with the movie. And with the highest hopes ever, with the succes of the box set and the release of a possible movie, it might put some gorram sense into the tv producers head that they could re-introduce this endangered show! GO FIREFLY and more importantly HAIL JOSS!!!

  4. Kitt

    Gorram right man, I watched every episode when it was on TV. Just showed the box set to a buddy and he sat down and was hooked by the end of “Serenity” After that we skipped to “Shindig” and he drove out to Wal-Mart and bought the set. If they have any sense, this will be back on before the end of the year.

  5. Brian O'Connor

    I saw the reruns on SPACE and kinda got hooked!
    I bought the DVD and as my wife and myself watched it we both kept asking ourselves,
    “How could they have just cancelled this kind of quality work?
    Does everything need to be REALITY TV just because it costs nothing to produce?”

    This kind of show should not even be on network TV.
    I think they “All the Commercial Networks” are quickly losing their ability to produce quality.
    I hate watching great entertainment filled with commercials.
    The constant barging in of unrelated information from what I watching, dulls the whole experience.

    Watching it on DVD without commercial interruption, actually gave me a whole new understanding of what was transpiring on screen, as well as the subplots that were being played out off screen.

    Joss Whedon’s Firefly, constantly entertained us with all the really great witty dialog, special effects, and story lines.

    If I had seen it on HBO or our “The Movie Network” and not hidden somewhere on Friday night,” thanks FOX”, I and possibility a bunch of others, would have seen it for the quality it was right from the start ala; 6FeetUnder, Carnivale etc…

    The Arts should be about rising ourselves out of the gutter, not about pulling us in to it. If all we can watch are shows about nothing. “Seinfeld, being the exception” then pretty soon all we are watching is nothing.

    FireFly went a long way in kicking the whole entertainment and human values thing, up a notch or two and even more importantly gave us all something to think about.
    Hopefully with the recent release of the DVD, Firefly will give all these money chasing, low-balling, short-sighted entertainment execs, something to think about.

    If nothing else comes from all this then at least we should thank Joss, for rattling their collective cages and maybe with our combined “bellyaching”, give them something to think about.

    As Mal said…
    “May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.”
    I definitely second that commotion.


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