5 thoughts on “VEGAS BABY

  1. Jonathan Louie

    I saw Blue Man in New York, it was awesome. I think their Vegas show might be different, so your milage may vary. 🙂

  2. Andrew Kimpton

    Blue Man are definately fun. Their Vegas show is different from others in that it’s a much larger space so they can have a little more ‘fun’

    I’m a big fan of Cirque Du Soleil – ‘O’ is like no other show you’ll ever see anywhere else.

  3. uucee

    The List:
    – BMG, quite entertaining.
    – O, but you won’t get tickets. Staying at Bellagio could bump you up the wait list.
    – Zumanity, yet another CdS production, if you’re into Spearmint Rhino-themed shows
    – Mystre, if you really, really need to see a CdS show (they could just be worth it.)
    – Stratosphere, dinner reservation for a window seat. Quite a view of the Strip.
    – Venetian, see Venice in Vegas. St. Marcus square is quite an impressive replica.
    – Guggenheim, pretty pictures.
    – Fremont Street Experience, kitsch, kitsch, kitsch. Bright lights etc., free.

    The of course there’s Celine…

    Of course, you’re reading this just as you got back from Sin City 🙂

  4. Xenotica

    Went there did that for Xmas.
    Blue Man is the shit. You most go see it. But what ever you do DO NOT GO SEE The new Cirque de Solie P.O.S. at Luxor. It’s dubbed an erotic Cirque show. It’s a really, REALLY bad drag show. It has nothing to do with the Cirque we all know and love. There is no talent and no point to the show. We thought it was some producer who was trying to give all his unemployed drag queen and out of work strippers friends a job. It just sucks.

    Oh yeah I hear “O” is worth seeing if you want to see an erotic show. Or La Cage if you want to see a really goof female impersinator gig with talent.


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