Las Vegas

I can now say I’ve been to Vegas.

– Day 1 –
We (Dave, Rebecca, Brian, Mike, Johnny, Alexis, and I) flew in to Vegas Saturday morning. I had an awesome view of the strip from the plane sitting in a right window seat. We took cabs to our hotel, Treasure Island, and got checked in. After dropping our bags off in our rooms we had some drinks and food at one of the TI restraunts, Kahunaville. After food and drinks, we proceeded to hit a blackjack table and lose our money to a dealer who couldn’t bust. After losing enough to him, I went off and played with some of the video poker machines for a few. After getting bored with that I wandered over to Mirage next door and located their poker room. After playing a few games I headed back to TI to see their free outdoor show, Sirens. I guess you get what you pay for as this show was pretty bad. After the show we all met back up and headed over to the Bellagio for dinner and a show. I don’t remember where we ate, but the food was good. After dinner we went to "O" Cirque du Soleil. This show totally blew my mind. I can’t recommend this show enough. Simply amazing. After the show we walked back down the strip to TI and all passed out.

– Day 2 –
I got up around 8:30am, put on my suit, and went down to the casino to play some video poker. Around 11 we all met up and headed over to Harrahs’ for an insane Champagne Brunch buffet. After having eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits, shrimp, prime rib, mac and cheese, peaches, banana pudding, etc I was pretty full. After Johnny finished his 2 huge plates of desert, Dave, Rebecca and I headed over to the Mirage to play some poker. We sat down at a 3/6 Texas Hold’em table and played for a long time. The people at the table gave me the nickname "The Suit." which Dave and Rebecca found amusing. Around 5pm we went and got a snack. We talked to the rest of the group and got them to agree to come find us around 8pm for dinner. We went back to the poker room and played some more until around 8:30 when the rest of the group finally showed up. We had dinner back at TI where I just had a salad to balance out the huge brunch I ate in the morning. After dinner I went back over to the poker room (again). After a while, Dave came back to play. Playing in the poker room was 2 time World Poker Tour final table player Andy Bloch and former Saturday Night Live actor Norm Macdonald. They were playing in high limit games. Around 4am Dave and I head back to TI to get some sleep.

– Day 3 –
Monday morning, I somehow managed to get up around 9am. We met up around 10am to get some breakfast. I finally gave in and tried Kino. Needless to say, I lost, but I should mention that despite Dave wanting me to use his birthday and my refusing, his number never came up. After breakfast I went and played some nickle slot machines and turned $3 in to $77.50. Finally we checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport. Dave, Rebecca and I upgraded to first class so we could get free drinks and more leg room. There in first class with us was poker pro Andy Bloch. Dave didn’t understand my hand signals telling him that he was a poker pro and proceeded to say silly things about poker right in front of Andy. We didn’t really talk to him, but he seemed like a nice guy.

I’m ready to return to Vegas and do more exploring of the different hotels and casinos.

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