More Gmail Accounts

It is time once again to give away some Gmail accounts!

I’m going to do a two part contest this time. The first contest is for you, my loyal readers, to come up with a fun contest! The person with the best contest idea wins a Gmail account! You have until Friday night to leave comments or trackbacks on what the next contest should be. The suggestions must be something that can be handled using comments or trackbacks.

The second contest will be the winning contest. I will run that contest for a week and the best 5 entries will win Gmail accounts.

Update: Looks like Asa is running a similar contest

Update: Everyone’s a winner. See here.

11 thoughts on “More Gmail Accounts

  1. Pat

    How about giving a gmail account to first person who posts a contest idea?
    If you take my advice, i’d win the first contest … and the second!
    Sounds fair to me…

    OK then how about giving the account to who ever asks LAST, no one is allowed to ask twice. It would be even more fun if you don’t tell people what hour the contest will be officially over 🙂

  2. paliopolis

    How about posting links as trackbacks or maybe just plain links to a neat photo that sometakes ( that you think is neat ) . “You” be the judge, the best photo wins the contest. The photo can be taken from a camera on a cell phone or anyway you decide, more like the photos on the photoblogs.

    Or another idea might be to come up with something neat like maybe a template for the blog or finding out a really useful add-on-module, this will give us some ideas as well on how to improve/modify our blogs.

  3. Arnab

    Contest idea: Come up with a comment / trackback excerpt with ONLY the words from the post itself. It’ll be fun to see how people can rearrange your text to come up with insightful/hilarious responses. (And if you’re geek-inclined enough, you can even write an MT plugin to demarkate entries that qualify!)

    For example, a response to this post could be:

    “Friday night trackback night! Gmail contest will be fun! Contest run using suggestions. Will my readers be handled until night for this?”

  4. adot's notblog*

    gmail email

    I’m getting semi-regular gmail accounts to give away and I think I’ve got my friends and family covered so now I’m going to offer up accounts to blog readers each time I get another one to give away (which seems like about once every few weeks). Most o…

  5. Mozings

    Gmail giveaway (done)

    It was a no-brainer! Blake Ross Chris Neale Neil Jenkins Update: More mozilla gmail around the blogosphere: Asa and Pavlov are holding contests for gmail accounts….

  6. wfeng

    assign numbers to the post, “1” for the first reply post. then anyone whose posts’ number are three consective odd number (no even number post allowed between these odd number post)win the prize. 🙂 for instance, if u post number 3,5,7 and not 4,6, u win.

  7. mydigital

    Do a “how many M&M’s are in the jar” contest. You could ask guests to guess how many miles are on your car, how many unread e-mail messages you get on a specific day, how many total visitors you’ve had on your blog, how many poker chips you have in your pocket, how many mp3’s you have in your collection, etc.

  8. wayan

    See who has the least unique Google hits on their name, either first or last, relating to them or not.

    As in Bob Johnson would have no chance but Oflu Mazeekee would.

    Now the downside to this contest is that I’d have no chance at winning, but at least someone who is so far unknown to the Great Google God would get a jump start in the medium.

  9. rick

    Since a gigabit of e-mail is a lot of space, you probably want to give it to someone who can best use the space. The contest should be to for people to send you how they plan on using GMAIL.

    Google should require users who use G-mail to install a piece of software on thier machine. The software will install the awesomely cool googlebar, delete thier spyware, and other dumb copycat toolbar search applications. It should also change thier default search engine from MSN to

    Google would then be really cool cause it will make your machine run better, get rid of unwanted software, piss off microsoft, and give people a gig of e-mail!! GOOGLE WOULD ROCK!!!

    On a side note, I’m a starving poor computer science major who could put a gig of e-mail to very good use! I can speak and sit on command and I’d be very grateful for a gmail account.


    Google Gmail Invitation Contest

    The ever elusive Google Gmail accounts are one of the most sought after commodities on the internet. In an effort to kick off the launch of Gear Live, we will be giving away TWO Gmail invitations to two lucky readers….


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