APNG: Coming soon to a browser near you

Over the last week or so, Vlad and I put together a spec for an Animated PNG format. Vlad wrote an encoder and I got decoding working in Mozilla. The bug is here including the patch. Things work pretty well and you can do some sweet animations. The code is tiny, espically compared to MNG.

7 thoughts on “APNG: Coming soon to a browser near you

  1. adot's notblog*

    animated png images?

    It looks like our very own Stuart Parmenter (aka Pavlov) and Vlad have developed an extension to PNG that gives web developers an opportunity to build animated PNGs (APNG). Having full 8-bit alpha transparent animations based on the standard PNG format…

  2. wu-ping

    Any plan to create tool for generating APNG from PNGs? e.g. a convertor, or even a ImageReady plugin… 😛

    P.S. Sorry but I’m using BugMeNot… so this is not my real ID…

  3. Hacking for Christ

    MNG Misunderstandings

    I’ve been reading the various bugs, blog postings and specs about APNG, Vlad and pavlov’s proposed extension to PNG to allow animation. Obviously, this has raised the question of “what about MNG?” I’ve been surprised to see several people, who…


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