Monthly Archives: October 2004


Day 7:
Today was my last day in New York. Got up early and grabbed a bagel and headed over to Rockefeller Center and watched the Today show for a little while. They had Nicole Kidman on and then Matt, Katie, and Al came out to the big crowd area and did a little segment. After that I wandered around the area taking a few last photos and went back to my hotel to check out. I took a cab to Laguardia Airport and waited for my American Eagle flight to Toronto.

When I arrived in Toronto, I headed through customs without any strip searchs and waited for Mike to pick me up. Vlad and I had both arrived within 5 minutes of each other so we were coordinating Mike picking us up. He drove us back to his place through rather sucky traffic. We rested up and played some GTA: SA while we waited for Chris, Shona and Joe to arrive. We went out to dinner at a nice french place not too far from Mike’s house where I had some great steak tartare and horse with a small piece of lemon and chocolate cake. After we walked back we played some more GTA and Katamari Damacy. People were getting tired so we all crashed.