Day 3:
I got up around 9:30am and packed up to in order to move across the street to the Comfort Inn. It is nearly $150 cheaper per night than The Muse and the rooms are about half the size.

My friend Mimi from OSAF happens to be in NYC this week and had some free time so we met up and set out for more walking. She grew up in NYC so she knows where things are. She had the whole day planned out. We started by walking over to 9th Ave and started heading south. There is an excellent cupcake shop that she wanted to stop at, so we each got a cupcake and continued our walk down to central Chelsea and then headed west to the Chelsea Piers and looked around for a bit. After that we headed down to the Meat-Packing District and down in to Greenwich Village. From there we headed over to Washington Square park and then up to Union Square. We stopped for lunch at Moustache for fantastic middle-eastern food.

We took the subway up to 59th and looked at the Plaza Hotel. It is pretty stunning. We headed in to Central Park at the SE corner and started walking north. We walked past Wollman Ice Rink. It was pretty cool and I can only imagine very spectacular in the snow. We continued along and saw a bunch of people on skates dancing to music and some guys with African drums. We then headed in to The Ramble and somehow managed to come out at Belvedere Castle. At this point, Mimi had to go so we headed out the west side of the park at 81st in the Upper West Side. My feet were killing me so I went to see "Friday Night Lights" at a Lowes theater on 84th and Broadway. The movie was really good and my feet were feeling a bit better.

After the movie, I headed over to Celeste for dinner. The place was tiny, and there was a few people in front of me waiting but the food smelled wonderful. The people there seemed to be mostly locals who seemed to know the staff there. The owner was running around opening the door for everyone, taking orders, etc. It was kind of loud, but very cozy. I had their sausage pasta special for dinner. It was amazing with the fresh pasta made in house. For dessert I had some tiramisu which was equally great. After dinner I took the subway back to Times Square and headed to the hotel for some sleep.

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