Day 4:
I slept in for a while this morning. After I finally got off my ass, I headed over to John’s Pizzeria for some awesome thin crust pizza. At home we have Amichi’s, but I can’t stand their pizza. I headed down to Rector St. in the Financial area and walked around Wall Street. There were a lot more people than there were on Saturday. I spent a good bit of time just looking around at all the busy people.

Next up I hit the Staten Island Ferry. Only about 25 minutes each way, it provided a nice view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. I headed back up to 42st and walked to the TKTS booth which had almost no line and picked up a ticket for tonight’s "Chicago" performance at 25% off. I headed back to my hotel for a while to rest my feet and bought a ticket for "Avenue Q" for Tuesday — 2nd row, 3 seats from center. Should be sweet.

Around 6:30pm, I headed over to Virgil’s Real BBQ on 44th and was pleasantly surprised. No brunswick stew, but they had good pulled pork and excellent banana pudding for desert. After dinner I headed over to the Ambassador Theater on 49th for Chicago. It was a very good show, though the voices weren’t as solid as those in Wicked. I headed back to the hotel after the show to plan tomorrow’s museum expedition.

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