Day 6:
I slept in this morning. After finally forcing myself out of bed, I headed out for lunch at Afgani Kebab House #3 near my hotel and had OK but slightly over-cooked lamb kebab. After lunch, I headed to the International Center of Photography to take a look at their Looking at LIFE, JFK for President: Photographs by Cornell Capa galleries. I was moved by many of the wonderful photos. I hope that some day some of my photos can be as meaningful.

I headed over to the Empire State Building. I had to walk through some long lines that reminded me of an amusement park. I guess this is the most mainstream touristy thing I’ve done in NYC. I got suckered in to buying their awful Skyride “flight simulator” thing. Wow was it bad. Every other moving flight thing I’ve ever been on has been hundreds of times better than this one. Oh well. After that, I took the elevator up to the 80th floor and picked up the audio tour and then walked up 6 flights of stairs (to avoid the long lines) to the observatory. The view from up there was simply wonderful. I took a large number of photos from up top with my 18-70mm lens, wishing I had something around 300mm for some better shots of Central Park and the Financial District. The audio tour wasn’t too bad and gave some interesting data on what the buildings were. On a side note: I know T-Mobile sucks, but how can I have no signal up there? I figured I would have full coverage.

I headed down and out and off to dinner at Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse under Madison Square Gardens. I had a lovely lobster bisque, 12oz fillet and some wonderful cheesecake. The steak was as good as Harris’s in San Francisco (and that’s saying something).

After dinner, I headed over to B&H just a block away and picked up a Lexar USB2 compact flash reader. I love the store. I could easily spend hours in there looking at all the camera gear, but I needed to go pick up my Lion King tickets so I headed up and around 6:45pm picked up my tickets. The house didn’t open until 7 and the show didn’t start until 8, so I went back to my hotel for a few and dumped off the day’s photos on to my laptop and then headed back to the theater. New Ambassador theater is the biggest of the ones I’d been to with three levels and a very large stage. I had 2nd row seats again, although this time on the leftmost side. The show had brilliant props and costumes. The story was pretty much that of the animated movie so it was easy to follow. The cast seemed pretty solid with Patrick Page (Scar) sticking out with a great performance. He has a great voice for Scar and good stage presence. After the show, I walked around for a bit taking a few more photos before finally returning to my hotel for the night.

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