More New Graphics

I’ve posted a new Windows build here . It is mostly the same as the one I posted yesterday, except with native theme support so it doesn’t look like crap anymore. Fonts, clipping, flashing, etc are still busted though.

One of the (few) improvements in the new graphics builds is much better image scaling. Take these two screenshots of a Penny Arcade comic scaled to fit the size of my browser as an example: old and new

8 thoughts on “More New Graphics

  1. funTomas

    The only difference between the old and new I can see is that you updated your browser for critical patch.;-) Seriously: how’s that done? The pics are pretty huge. Any script for pic manipulation?


  2. Martijn

    Works with native winXP theme, but not with the old theme (which is standard in win2000), the textboxes are more or less invisible (no white background, no borders). Also the scrollbars are screwed up.
    Also, I’ve noticed that with these builds, popups just can flow of the right and the bottom of the screen, it seems these builds don’t ‘see’ the right and bottom edge of the screen.

  3. Stuart Parmenter

    funTomas: you should notice much smoother lines and image where lines are antialiased out rather than looking like crap. my screen is 1920×1200, which is why the images are so big.

    Martijn: I’ve fixed the Win2k theme bug and know how to fix the popup one. Theres a new build in the same directory as this one that fixes the win2k issue and a few other painting related ones. I’ll post a new build tomorrow with more fixes.

  4. toaster83

    Nice job on the image scaling code. Had to download the second build with XP sans Aqua. For some reason, the font across the whole interface is too small. Don’t know if this is hangover from the win2k bug or something different.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Martijn

    Ok, I’ve tried:
    The Win2k theme bug is fixed.

    The popup issue is still there..

    Bugzilla still looks like crapt to me , but I havent’t compared.

    I was typing in this textarea with that build, but that was very hard, because of all the paaint issues, I got.
    After a while (5 minutes or so), I had to stop, because the whole browser window became a mess (nothing repainted, or only partly).

    Thank you!


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