Monthly Archives: January 2006

Moving to the Trunk

Over the last few days Vlad and I have been moving all of the cairo/thebes work we’ve done from our monotone tree to Mozilla’s CVS trunk. We hope that this will make it easier for others to contribute to the the new graphics effort. It will also mean that the builds are always up-to-date with the latest changes and people will be able to keep up with what we’re doing. Vlad also updated our cairo version to cairo-trunk (we’ll update to 1.2 once it is released).

I’ve got to do a couple more CVS copies of things from gfx to widget before I can enable printing in the Windows cairo builds, but all the major code changes are now in the tree. I’ve started on Linux PDF printing now and hope to have that working shortly.

Builds are looking pretty good now. There’s a nasty clipping bug on Windows that I’ve been working around for a while left to fix and some font bugs, but overall things look good. Vlad tells me he’s dogfooding the Linux builds now.