Looking for new music?

A while ago someone pointed me at Pandora, but I had forgotten about it until recently when I saw it mentioned on Amber Mac‘s blog. Pandora is well worth a mention here. It uses the Music Genome Project to find music similar to the music you tell it you like. It is pretty amazing to watch it work. If you’re like me and always looking for new music that you might like, check this site out.

2 thoughts on “Looking for new music?

  1. Peter Kasting

    I was never a fan of Pandora since it didn’t seem to have most of the music I entered nor make very good recommendations. However, some other interesting sites to check out are http://bandtoband.com/ , which links bands by shared membership (I’ve found several good bands by checking out the neighbors of groups I like), and http://liveplasma.com/ (formerly musicplasma.com, links bands by “similarity”).

  2. Stuart Parmenter

    I’ll check those out. Thanks!

    Most of the bands I’ve tried on Pandora it has found including some of the more obscure stuff. The recommendations seemed good for the stuff I tried.


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