More Xbox 360

Going on almost 2 1/2 weeks now, the Xbox 360 is still going strong. I picked up Call of Duty 2 and Vlad picked up Need for Speed Most wanted. We’ve had issues with it hanging a couple times while playing Need for Speed, but it is unclear if those are software or hardware related at this point.

Tonight we made use of the 360 for watching The Transporter on DVD (A fun action movie if you haven’t seen it.). Playback looked great and we didn’t have any problems. I didn’t really play with the features of the DVD, but the play button on the remote certainly works. I’ll do a little more detailed writeup of the DVD player after I spend some more time with it.

Call of Duty 2 – I also own the PC version of this, but I figured that this one would get more play time. The graphics in this are quite amazing and the game play is good. I haven’t yet tried online play, but I can only imagine it is solid. Looking forward to spending more time with this.

Need for Speed Most Wanted – This game is suprisingly good. Having been unimpressed by the last NFS game I played years ago, I was skeptical of this one, but the reviews were good and Vlad bought it, so how can I complain? The racing in this feels a bit easy compared to Project Gotham Racing, but the cut scenes are awesome and the gameplay is fun. I may have to pick this up for myself.

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