Vlad and I are over here in Japan this week meeting with the Mozilla Japan folks and giving talks at both Internet Week and the Firefox Developer Conference here in Tokyo.

We got in yesterday evening and spent most of today exploring the city. I’ve posted some of my photos from today and will continue posting more as the week continues.

I’m currently on the look out for robots and ninjas, so if you know where I can find any of them let me know!

5 thoughts on “Japan

  1. Matthias

    If you are looking for robots, be sure to come to Osaka, especially Osaka University.

    We are researching at the forefront of robotic science here.

    We are working with Repliee Q2, one of the most advanced androids worldwide:

    And we have a lot of RoboCup teams, including the 2006 champion team of humanoid league:

    Concerning Ninjas:
    There is a “Ninja Village” in the city of Koka:

    Send me an e-Mail if you are interested.


    Your dad told me that you had posted your recent photos. I loved them. Great job! I’m GREEN with envy. Hope you had fun and maybe I’ll see you during the Christmas holidays.


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