Return from Japan

The Firefox community in Japan is pretty amazing. We had 100+ people show up for the developer day. I was pretty amazed by some of the extensions that the Japanese community is creating. Their localization efforts are equally as impressive.

I think my talk went pretty well — I’ve posted my slides here.

Look mom, we even showed up in the Japanese Press!

3 thoughts on “Return from Japan

  1. Antoine Quint

    Hi Stuart, looks we missed out on a pretty cool presentation on the future of Mozilla. I’m particularly interested in what’s coming up on the SVG front. Care to highlight what of the improvements put forward in these slides will affect SVG support directly? I’m thinking about the Porter-Duff compositing, which is supported in SVG 1.2 for instance. Also, what’s the schedule for declarative animation and SVG fonts in Firefox? Any chance for Firefox 3?

    Another question, when you talk about offline storage, which APIs are you talking about?

    Thanks for more detailed information on these points.



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