Monthly Archives: January 2007

Module Owner Cleanup Part 1

Mitchell and I have been discussing cleaning up the module owners list for a while now. I’ve been working with various module owners to clean up the peer lists removing people who are no longer involved in the project and to add people who are active in their modules. We’ve made good progress on many of these modules so far!

Besides just cleaning up the peer lists, we also want to start removing dead modules. I’ve started a thread in the mozilla.governance newsgroup about the modules I think we can do away with and the reasons behind each one. I’m looking for as much feedback as possible from all interested parties so that we can remove some of them shortly.

There is still a lot of work left to get the module owners list in good shape. I have a large set of other things I’d like to do once we get some modules removed including categorizing modules to make them easier to find, updating several modules to reflect more current reality, finding new owners for some modules, adding new modules and so on. I’ll post more on these over the next several weeks.