Monthly Archives: July 2007


Well, 6 days later and I’m on to my 2nd iPhone. The rubber seal between the screen and the case on my previous one started coming out. I called both the Palo Alto Apple store where I sat on hold for at least 15 minutes before getting a completely useless woman. I wanted to see if they could replace my phone if I brought it in. Given the rumors flying around that there weren’t any iPhones around I wanted to ensure that they had some there before I wasted my time going over to talk to a “Genius.” I called up the Valley Fair Apple store and got someone a bit more useful and while she wouldn’t actually say they had iPhones available, she hinted that if I brought it in they would do something about it. So I set up an appointment with a “Genius” (maybe they could they hire a genius to make the seal not come out of their phone 6 days after it was purchased?) When I got to the store you could hear people asking frequently if they had any iPhones and being told that they didn’t know when they would have stock. When I got to the bar the guy looked at my phone and said they’d replace it but he had to go check if they had any. Fortunately I guess they kept a few in case of situations like this. After a bit of work he popped out my sim card and tossed it in to the new phone and I was on my way.

Hopefully my 2nd iPhone will last more than a week…