Firefox Extensions Oh My!

I whipped up a couple of awesome Firefox extensions today. They both require the latest Firefox 3.0 nighties or beta (release according to digg!).

The first allows people on Windows and Linux to print web pages to PDFs natively. There are some backend bugs at the moment but it is pretty awesome.

I introduce PrintPDF!!!! You can find it on addons.

Next based on a bunch of the use-less-ram effort going on I’ve put together an extension that fires the memory pressure notification. This results in us clearing several caches including the bfcache and the image cache as well as forcing cycle collection and garbage collection. We’re working on hooking more things up to this such as the code to discard uncompressed image data and other such things.

I introduce to you, RAMBack (queue the Sexyback music). It helps some now and will continue to help as we release new versions of Firefox.


5 thoughts on “Firefox Extensions Oh My!

  1. Matt

    So…how does RAMBack work? Not the technical info, but how do you make it give you RAM back? Or does it just happen magically?


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