Gaming Madness

Long long ago I used to have time to play video games all the way through. I can almost remember those Final Fantasy games that I put hundreds of hours in to. These days I seem to pick up games with intentions to play them all the way through but I find that happening less and less these days.

Most recently I picked up Assassin’s Creed. With Thanksgiving week coming up, I’m hopeful that I can actually finish it. Maybe then I can get to the big stack of games waiting for my attention. Lets see… I’m about halfway through Bioshock. I’ve got Halo 3 and Blue Dragon sitting here still in their plastic wrappers. Forza Motorsport 2 I played for a week or two and just haven’t gotten back to it. Oh, and Guitar Hero II (I did manage to avoid buying GH III) — I made it most of the way through the medium difficulty. I’d love to get back to Zelda on the Wii. I enjoyed it while playing it, but for some reason I stopped playing it and never got back to it.

I recently built a new PC and was playing a good bit of Team Fortress 2 and Crysis, but about two weeks ago my motherboard died. I just got around to RMAing it today. Would like to get back to playing TF2.

Rock Band comes out next week as does Mass Effect… I hate not finishing games that are fun. What am I to do?

One thought on “Gaming Madness

  1. robcee

    I hear you and feel your pain. I’ve been working my way through the Orange Box (finished HL2 and Portal, episodes 1 & 2 left to go). Before that, Halo3 interrupted my run through Bioshock which is excellent and I fully intend to return to it at some point. Probably before I start on Mass Effect. And I picked up Call of Duty 4 which my usual gaming group has been raving about but honestly, I’m a little burned out on the genre.

    I never thought I’d say this, but I have too many games!

    Oh, and Virtua Fighter 5. And Forza. And Project Gotham, and…


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