Domain mapping with is finally working. As I mentioned previously, I switched my blog from my own MovableType install to a hosted account. I got everything imported easily but I’ve had a problem getting my subdomain mapping properly. tries to verify that the subdomain is setup properly before allowing you to continue, but it was refusing to verify mine which was correct. I’m not sure if the nice support folks were able to figure out what the problem was or if they just bypassed the verification, but I’m finally setup. They were very helpful!

Everything is running smoothly. I’ve been using for about a week now and am quite happy with my choice/. Everything is much faster than my MovableType install ever was. Everyone is well done — the blog editor, stats, and comments especially.

I don’t have any experience with installing my own WordPress setup, but if you’re looking to get your own blog I would highly recommend taking a look at

2 thoughts on “Domain mapping with

  1. timethief

    Welcome to I’m glad to hear that you like it here. IMHO the best thing about being on this free hosted multiuser blogging platform is that we can just blog and leave the “geeky” stuff to staff.

    You can reach staff in three ways. During support hours on weekdays 9-5 PM Pacific time you can use the “support” button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page. Alternatively you can use either one of the support links located at the top and bottom of the forum pages.
    The third way to contact staff is by sending an email to support[at]wordpress[dot]com
    Note that I have munged the email address to discourage spam bots from crawling it.

    Best wishes for happy blogging. 🙂

  2. csselite

    Ok – did you ever come a cross a problem like having subdomain and using the same wordpress instalation as in domain, but in this blog display only posts from particural cathegory – I would like to create web gallery, but I’m not sure how to bite it.
    Cheers – Matt.


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