Rock Band

Rock Band

My copy of Rock Band Special Edition for the Xbox 360 got here yesterday. This giant box came with the game, a (wired) guitar, drum set and microphone.  Oh, and also a USB hub!

I took the game over to Vlad‘s place and hooked up the drums there. Having not spent as much time playing Guitar Hero II/III as others I know, I opted to let Vlad play guitar while I tried to learn the drums. Having never played real drums or real practice drums, it seems to me that the drum set is pretty nice. The drum sticks feel like the cheapest pieces of wood they could find — I’ll probably replace them. I find the pedal pretty hard to use, especially when I need to double tap it. Would be nice if I could hook up a second pedal for my other foot. I was doing OK on the medium difficulty, but when I tried expert I maybe hit one or two beats before it failed me out.

After drumming for a while, and ignoring the pleas of Vlad, I hooked up the microphone and tried the vocal part out. The game doesn’t seem to recognize words at all, so if I can sing “blah” for every word in key it seems happy. Staying in key isn’t the easiest on some of the songs. They often jump from lows to highs and back. I did pretty well on medium but had a pretty hard time on hard. Haven’t yet tried expert. It helps that many of the songs I’m already familiar with and have been practicing in the shower and in my car for a long time. The singing part is fun, but after singing about 10 songs my throat is pretty sore.

I played one or two songs on the guitar on medium and it felt pretty easy. Vlad claims that expert is more like Guitar Hero’s hard. Maybe I’ll stand a chance if I practice!

I’m digging the song list in Rock Band more than I did Guitar Hero II. Less metal. While “Trogdor” was a pretty awesome bonus track in GH2, I’m not sure it compares to Rock Band’s “Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld.”

One thought on “Rock Band

  1. slayer140

    I still like Guitar Hero better. The difficulty is and speed are ramped up for the people that are already good at the former levels in Guitar Heros. I like the idea of the drums and singing for Rock Band, but I also like the song list for Guitar Hero 3 much more than the one in Rock Band. Either way, they are both fun.


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