Writer’s Guild Strike – “Speechless” Campaign

A lot has been written lately on the Writers Guild of America strike. John Rogers sums the details up pretty well. I’m sad to see that things have come to this point. I for one will miss all the great TV they write for if the strike continues much longer. They’re doing the right thing though and I fully support them.

They’re launching a public service announcement campaign called “Speechless

Here is Episode #1: Holly Hunter

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more information on the strike see United Hollywood.

11 thoughts on “Writer’s Guild Strike – “Speechless” Campaign

  1. oceallaigh

    More to the point, I find that it speaks only to the particular choir to which you’re preaching, leaving the rest of us (those, for instance, who have to look up “written on the nose” – which, given the slow pace of the piece, we have plenty of time for) out in the cold. If this is typical of the rest of these spots, I think you have made a better case for Management than for yourselves.

  2. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo

    Aditive – I do not think it is supposed to be funny. There is nothing funny about any of this, we are just trying to keep a sense of humor through it all.

    Oceallaigh – this particular spot uses terms specific to film writing. From a glance at your page, you seem to like to read. Writers do the writing. This strike may seem like it is speaking only to Hollywood and film and television writers, but there really is a bigger picture.

    Having just discovered John Rogers, his site has a link to a man whose name I cannot pull out of my tired hat at this moment, but he has started a very interesting educational and humanitarian site:


    If you would like to see an example of the bigger picture. I hope you go to it. It is also extremely addictive.

    Thanks, Pavlov.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

    Best to all,


  3. taylortaylortaylor

    The idea of simple, wordless screen-tests may have been more effective. This particular vignette is a bit vague, but I think our reactions are right to be unsettled and annoyed with the lack of story, wit, arc, etc. Would it be too much to ask for a charmingly written campaign? ha… 😉


  4. Elver

    Yeah, not a big fan of the “speechless” campaign. It doesn’t seem to make a point, it’s just, well, boring.

    By the way, JMS (of B5 fame) wrote a revealing piece about the studios’ strategy: clickie

  5. johnnypeepers

    I think the strike is good for our cultural and intellectual landscape. The purveyors of satanic filth no longer have their filthy claws clutched on our children and impressionable minds.

    Instead, people will seek out books and go to Church. The Boob-Tube has crippled millions of minds with their sewage and pornography.

  6. guywoodhouse

    Everything starts with the writer. Without the writer all we have is blank page. Being a writer myself, I fully support the “Speechless” campaign.

  7. Bunkins

    I think the writers strike is the right thing to do. They are very valuable to the industry and should be appreciated more than they are. I am thankful it hasn’t impacted the movie industry yet because my site would be out of business.

  8. slayer140

    This thing is just getting annoying. They get paid lots of money and get their names known around the world, if they work on big titles. It’s just like any other proffession you must work to gain more money and fame. Not go on strike to say you feel left out.


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