Monthly Archives: February 2008

jemalloc now on the trunk

Our Windows nightlies (beta4pre, this is not in beta 3) now include jemalloc. These builds are leaps and bounds better than the last build I posted.

Tons of amazing work has gone in to this. I’d like to thank Jason for making all the crazy changes to jemalloc that we wanted and Ted for his days and days of crazy build stuff. Thanks to Benjamin for his work getting the CRT building initially — we wouldn’t be here without it. We’ve worked day and night for weeks to make this happen and it is finally here.

Due to the requirement for you to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Professional, –enable-jemalloc is off by default in configure. If you have the right stuff installed toss it in your mozconfig and magic should happen.

We’re still evaluating the switch on Mac and Linux, but you can use the same configure flag to build on those platforms.