Monthly Archives: June 2008

New contributors + Big Patches + HG = ?

We’ve seen tremendous interest in Firefox and the Mozilla platform, not just from consumers, but also from groups of developers that would like to build on top of and contribute to Mozilla itself.  One of the challenges that these groups often face is that if their work is any more extensive than a simple patch, it’s difficult for them to effectively publish their work and to collaborate with others during development.

Transitioning to a distributed version control system like Mercurial has helped this situation some; branching is easy, as is merging back in to the mainline.  But even with that, these developers would still be isolated, working within essentially their own private repository.

We’d like to make it easy for these people to give their work wider exposure within the community, without having to make a decision up front as to whether the work will be included in mozilla-central or not.

Our rules for giving new commiters access to the main repository don’t work well for groups with large changes, and we’d like to come up with a different process whereby these people would still have to go through the same effort as other contributors to become full “Mozilla contributors”, but that, in the meantime, they can make their work available and can collaborate with others.

I’ve been working with Mitchell and Brendan on coming up with a policy that allows people to more easily work together in cases such as these.  Mitchell be posting what we’ve come up with shortly.