Monthly Archives: December 2008

Fennec Alpha 2

We’re happy to announce that our second alpha release of Fennec has come together.  While we focused much of the previous alpha on getting the user experience how we wanted, we’ve spent much of the time since focused on improving performance.  We’ve made major strides improving startup performance, panning and zooming performance, and responsiveness while pages are loading.
We’ve re-factored a significant amount of the front end code resulting in substantial speed improvements as well providing a much better base for extension authors to build upon.

In addition to the native Maemo release, we’ve also released desktop versions of Fennec as we did with Fennec Alpha 1.  Windows, OS X and  Linux clients are available.  While not our main focus, these builds allow content and extension authors to experiment with our mobile browser on their desktop.

The release notes have information on a quick start, how to install, what’s new, known issues and how to provide feedback. So if you’re interested in getting involved with Mozilla Mobile, install Fennec and tell us what you think.

In addition to the great performance work, we’re starting to work towards feature completion.  We’re making great progress on our Windows Mobile builds and are starting to roll on Symbian.  There is a lot going on in mobile-land these days and if you’re interested I’d encourage you to help out however you can!