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Surfs up, dude

I went surfing for the first time every today. It was a lot of hard work, but very exciting. Jason and I left at 7am to head down to Santa Cruz. We met up with Ian, John and Jay around 8am at Cowell’s Beach. It was freezing outside!

We rented boards and wetsuites and headed for the water. Despite the actual water being very cold, my body remained pretty warm thanks to the full body wetsuite. I had some issues getting all the way out to the surf spot, but Ian came back and helped me get out there.

We surfed for about 3 hours. I wasn’t able to stand up on the board, but I did ride a few waves for a while. I highly recommend everyone try surfing.

We returned the boards and wetsuites, grabbed some food and headed back to Jason’s house. By the time we got back, I was beat and ready for an afternoon nap. Too bad I had meetings and had to go in to work.

Sounds like we might be going next Friday. I can’t wait.